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Primary Care Specialist
To ensure you are staying in the best possible health, undergo annual primary care checkups at the San Fernando Community Health Center. Here, our doctors provide primary care and treatment to patients of all ages throughout the San Fernando Valley, California area.

Primary Care Q & A

What Happens During a Primary Care Visit? 

Appointments scheduled with the doctor to address overall health maintenance will be primary care visits and should take place annually. During the visit, evaluate the patient for any indication of a condition or illness and appropriate screenings will take place. The doctor will:

  • Obtain the person’s medical history including allergies, medications, and if they are smoking
  • Check the patient’s vitals
  • Perform a physical evaluation
  • Address any concern the patient may have

If any issues are found during the physical exam, the doctor will prescribe any necessary treatments or medications. Occasionally, the doctor will order lab tests, X-rays, and/or medications. The doctor will instruct the patient where to go to schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary and for what time.

What Should I Bring to the Visit?

Patients should bring:

  • Insurance cards
  • Their driver’s license or ID
  • Copies of medical records
  • A list of medications being taken
  • Completed new patient information, if available
  • A glucose meter, if used

Patients should wear a shirt which can have the sleeve rolled up or removed and take any medications they normally would.

Why is it Important to Undergo Primary Care Visits?

Annual primary care visits are important because they are the best way from the doctor and yourself to track any health changes. This ensures that should a concern arise it is treated as early as possible. These primary care visits can help you to obtain any necessary prescriptions needed for maintaining your health and health screenings can be performed at the appropriate times during these visits. When you have an established, long-term relationship with your doctor, it will be much easier for him or her to identify any changes in your health because he or she knows you very well.

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