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Too often, mental health issues like anxiety and depression go untreated, and the men and women who struggle daily with these illnesses are left feeling unsupported. The team of mental health professionals at San Fernando Community Health Center believe strongly in the importance of mental wellness and are here to assist you with behavioral health and case management services. Book an appointment at the center in San Fernando, California, to begin the process of feeling like yourself again.

Behavioral Health and Case Management Q & A

What types of behavioral health services do you offer?

Your mental wellness is just as important as your physical wellness. That’s why the professionals at San Fernando Community Health Center offer behavioral health services for patients experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Services include:

  • Depression and anxiety screening
  • Crisis intervention and referral
  • Support groups
  • Counseling
  • Case management

How are behavioral health issues treated at San Fernando Community Health Center?

The first step to treating behavioral health issues like depression and anxiety is to receive a proper diagnosis. When you schedule a preliminary consultation for behavioral health at San Fernando Community Health Center (SFCHC), the process begins with screening for anxiety and depression.

Based on your results, or if you already know you struggle with anxiety or depression, the mental health practitioners at SFCHC will recommend a customized course of treatment and support for you. It may include one-on-one counseling, support groups, crisis intervention and referrals, or case management.  

Many times, patients find that a combination of the services offered at SFCHC is the key to living better with their mental health issues. The goal of all of these treatments is the same: to help patients get back to their normal lives, feeling like their normal selves again.

What is case management?

Case management is offered to help individuals who suffer from mental illness to function better in their day-to-day lives. The case manager is a mental health specialist who assesses the patient’s entire life -- including finances, housing situation, cultural background, substance use, and overall health -- and how their mental health may be affecting it.

Case managers work with individuals to come up with a plan for their mental health recovery. That plan can include helping the patient access mental health resources. Case managers act as a member of your team to help get your life on track -- and keep it that way.

If you’re suffering from a mental illness or are in search of behavioral health services for a loved one, book an appointment online for a behavioral health assessment with one of our mental health professionals.

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