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For patients in San Fernando, California dealing with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or hypertension, the San Fernando Community Health Center can help. Here, our doctors offer care and treatment for numerous conditions which require long-term management.

Chronic Medical Conditions Q & A

Illnesses are an unfortunate and uncomfortable part of life, but can typically be treated with medication and a doctor's treatment. When a person has the flu or a cold, they know that eventually with rest and some medicines they will recover and get back to normal. This is not the case for those dealing with chronic illnesses. Chronic medical conditions are those which do not respond to usual treatments and usually require long-term management and treatment. Chronic illnesses may never go away and many can interfere with a person’s life such as asthma, hypertension or high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Frequently, pain and fatigue become a part of a person’s everyday life when they are dealing with a chronic illness. Physical changes can also occur and affect the person’s appearance. These changes can hurt a person’s a self-confidence and esteem. Chronic conditions can also influence a person’s ability to properly function at school or work. Decreased range of motion, morning stiffness, and other physical limitations can force a person to modify his or her work, activities, and their environment. Chronic medical conditions can also make a person feel like they cannot take care of themselves and, in some cases, the person will need help. Health centers can assist patients by providing them access to the medications and tools they need to live as normal a life as possible.

When the symptoms of chronic conditions become too difficult to manage or if the change, the health center can help by providing medical care and treatment for the newly experienced symptoms. Doctors and therapists at health centers can also help teach patients how to manage stress in order to help patients maintain a positive physical, emotional, and mental outlook. Long-term treatment plans can also be created to meet the patient’s specific needs. The goal will be to maintain or improve the person’s quality of life. Contact the San Fernando Community Health Center for more information about the types of treatments and care which are available for your specific condition.

Insurance & Payment

Insurance & Payment

SFCHC accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal HMO, FamPact and other commercial plans. Services are available on a sliding fee scale which is determined by income and family size. If you have any questions about insurance or payment options, please call our office. Our friendly staff is happy to help you.

Medi-Cal Expansion

Enrolling in Medi-Cal means you will have access to health services for FREE or at low cost, inclusing preventative services - line annual check-ups, dental and vision care, and medication. Click to learn more.

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