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To ensure you stay in the best health possible, the San Fernando Community Health Center offers numerous health and wellness education resources including on-site cooking classes, sexual health information, nutrition advice, and more. Here, patients throughout San Fernando Valley, California area can find the tools they need to maintain optimal health.

Health and Wellness Education Q & A

What Kinds of Health and Wellness Education Can I Find at SFCHC?

We are particularly proud to offer cooking classes in our specially designed kitchen at our facility. These cooking classes are specifically for diabetes wellness and care. Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires life-long care and management, including lifestyle changes in what a person eats, when meals are needed throughout the day, and what kinds of food are best for the management of diabetes and the patient's overall health. The goals of this program are to help those with diabetes learn information on how food choices promote, prevent, and treat diabetes, as well as practical cooking skills for healthy and delicious meal preparation. Our cooking classes for diabetic patients and their families help teach new recipes and techniques for cooking for those living with diabetes and their families, help with the adjustment to a new lifestyle of optimal health and wellness.

We routinely announce new health and education classes that we offer for the community on our Blog, so be sure to check back for updates on classes and events!

What Should I Do to Maintain Good Overall Health?

Many things can help adults stay as healthy as possible and include:

  • Avoiding smoking and tobacco- use of tobacco products can significantly increase a person’s likelihood of developing cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.
  • Avoiding tanning booths and prolonged exposure to the sun- overexposure and use of sunbeds are linked to increased risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Eating healthy and exercising- These two things can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, and depression.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption- Excessive drinking can contribute to certain cancers, liver disease, and increased risk of accidents.
  • Losing excess weight- Obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and many other conditions.
  • Practicing safe sex- Condoms and spermicide can minimize the risk of infection from an STD or sexually transmitted disease.

What Can the Health Center Do for Me?

The physicians and staff can assist patients with staying up to date with immunizations such as the tetanus-diphtheria booster which should be administered every 10 years. Visiting the health center for primary care visit including reproductive health exams for both men and women is also important and can help detect any issues before they worsen. Adults should be examined for signs of various cancers at certain points, such as undergoing a screening for colorectal cancer at age 50, and the physicians at our health center can provide these. 

Do You Offer Preventative Screening and Checkups?

Our office offers patients annual primary care visits and preventative screenings for a variety of illness and concerns. We suggest that at least once a year patients receive a follow-up physical exam. To schedule your primary care visit or annual health exam, contact the office. Our doctors will work with you to ensure you receive the care you need and deserve.

Insurance & Payment

Insurance & Payment

SFCHC accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal HMO, FamPact and other commercial plans. Services are available on a sliding fee scale which is determined by income and family size. If you have any questions about insurance or payment options, please call our office. Our friendly staff is happy to help you.

Medi-Cal Expansion

Enrolling in Medi-Cal means you will have access to health services for FREE or at low cost, inclusing preventative services - line annual check-ups, dental and vision care, and medication. Click to learn more.

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