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Medi-Cal Coverage


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What is Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid healthcare program that provides free or low-cost doctor visits, prescriptions, vaccinations, hospital visits and mental health services to children and adults with limited income and resources.


Who could lose their Medi-Cal coverage?

Over 13 million people in California – or one-third of the state’s population - who receive healthcare through Medi-Cal (the state’s Medicaid program) are at risk of losing their coverage, especially the most vulnerable and underserved populations.


Why could so many people no longer qualify? 

Now that the COVID-19-public health emergency is over, the normal Medi-Cal renewal process is in effect and states will begin checking eligibility for the first time in three years. Over the next year, people will have to submit forms verifying their address, income, household size and other personal information. Many could lose their coverage if they fail to respond or complete the required forms. 


How can I keep myself and my family covered? 

There are several actions you can take to requalify for your Medi-Cal coverage:

  1. Update your contact information with the county to make sure Medi-Cal has your current address, phone number and email address. To find out how to update your account or sign up for text and email alerts, visit

  2. Check your mail for a letter in a yellow envelope about your Medi-Cal eligibility. The letter will tell you if you need to submit information to renew Medi-Cal or if your Medi-Cal was automatically renewed. 

  3. If you receive a renewal form, complete and return it right away. Your letter should arrive around the same time as when you received renewal letters in past years, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  4. Sign up to receive updates and alerts at This website also provides instructions on how to update your contact information so Medi-Cal can contact you; how to complete a Medi-Cal renewal form; and how to obtain health coverage if you’re no longer covered by Medi-Cal.


We're here to help

Contact our Outreach Enrollment Specialist at (818) 963-5690 at ext. 186 for assistance with requalifying for your Medi-Cal coverage.


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