Get to Know SFCHC’s New Pediatrician: Dr. Anastasia Williams


Q: What was your professional experience before coming to SFCHC?

I’ve been a board-certified pediatrician for over 24 years. I did my residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and for 15 years, led a pediatric group that I founded. I served as Medical Director for Pediatrics at Novant Health University of Virginia Community Pediatrics. I’ve taken medical mission trips to Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, and Haiti, and now I’m excited to join the SFCHC family!


Q: How would you describe your approach to pediatrics?

My approach to pediatrics is holistic and recognizes that each child is part of a family. My goal is to help each child reach their full potential, whatever that means for them. So, I try hard to address the challenges and needs of each individual child.


Q: What are your goals as a pediatrician at SFCHC?

I want to help my patients process and understand medical information.  I want them to have access to the help they need when they need it.  It’s also important to me to educate families about when to worry, what kinds of questions to ask, and who to talk to, at a child’s school, for example.


Q: What areas of healthcare are you passionate about?

The importance of vaccinating children!  I don’t like to pressure anyone, but my goal is to educate parents and start a conversation with them. They should have all the information about vaccines that they need, so they can make a decision they’re comfortable with. Health maintenance is also important to me, how to practice healthy living every day.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

As a parent of three children, I want families to know that in many situations, I have been where they are. All our experiences are unique, but this means we can learn from each other. Since relationships are based on trust, I pray patients will come to trust me as part of their family experience. They can come to me with any questions. And yes, I speak Spanish!

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