Dental Checkups: Because a Great Smile Needs Strong Teeth

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You use your teeth for everything: to chew food, to finish thread, to say the letter “t”.  Doesn’t it make sense to take care of them?  The risk of Covid-19 may have gotten you off-track with dental checkups, but San Fernando Community Health Center wants you to know it’s safe to come back to our dental clinic.

Why Checkups Are Important

The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist every six months.  At these checkups, the dentist performs an exam and takes x-rays to check for cavities, cracks, or chips in your teeth.  These are all damage to your teeth that you might not notice yourself and are better treated sooner rather than later.  SFCHC dentists also check for oral cancer, which causes sores in the mouth and even loose teeth.  A dental checkup includes a cleaning to remove tartar, the hard stuff that doesn’t come off with brushing and flossing.  (Unchecked tartar buildup can lead to painful gum disease, or gingivitis.)  Finally, fluoride is usually applied to protect your teeth until your next visit.  It’s pretty clear why the ADA advises regular checkups by a professional: even if you could find all this equipment on Amazon, where would you keep it?

Your dentist is also your partner in helping you protect your teeth year-round.  You know to brush your teeth regularly and floss daily, but they can suggest other good habits you may not know, like

In other words, use scissors on those stubborn ketchup packets, and only use half as many.

How We Make Checkups Safe

You may have concerns about Covid-19: it spreads through noses and mouths close to each other, and isn’t that exactly what happens at a dental checkup?  We understand, and we’re excited about the upgrades we’ve made in our clinic to reduce the risk:

Dental checkups are recommended, safe, and even affordable.  SFCHC accepts over a dozen insurance plans and offers services on a sliding fee scale based on household size and income.  So, keep your bubble-gum blowing skills on point: get back on track with dental checkups in the clinic at SFCHC.


It's safe to go back to the dentist at our Clinic. Don't put it off if you need care.


Heather Hillstrom

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