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Meet Our Board of Directors: Aaron DeJuan Morris

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Aaron DeJuan Morris, Vice-President of Business Advisory Services at Highline Wealth Management, is a professional consultant specializing in business tax strategy and employee benefits. He joined the SFCHC Board of Directors in 2013 as Vice-Chair, and brings extensive financial expertise and diverse community involvement to the leadership team.
In his professional life, Aaron implements employee benefits programs that help employees feel valued and organizations flourish. He also assists clients with crafting business plans for succession, as well as estate plans that minimize the tax burden and maximize the legacy left for future generations.
Aaron considers it a priority to deliver quality care to a community that lacks resources, especially to those working to provide for their families with limited disposable income. He explained that seeing a doctor regularly is an expense some cannot afford. Unfortunately, many people wait until an emergency or ailment has worsened before seeing a doctor or visiting an emergency room. 

“For many, taking unpaid time off work, and/or covering co-pays and premium is not an option,” he explained. “We provide services on a sliding fee scale to mitigate the financial strain. Also, one might think the organization providing free services would be extremely basic and in poor condition. But we take pride in providing high-quality care in a state-of-the-art facility with talented physicians, dentists and support staff, which speaks to the dignity of the people in the community.” 
Aaron also described the vital role SFCHC and other federally-qualified health centers play in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and homeless population. SFCHC has received federal funding to continue educating, vaccinating and treating individuals and families in underserved populations, which helps keep the entire community safe and healthy.

“I am extremely proud of the work SFCHC continues to provide for underserved communities that tend to be left behind and out of public view,” he said. “We are now implementing a program that will take our services to the streets to assist people who are not able to visit the clinic. To address this barrier, we have purchased a Sprinter van that will bring our equipment, staff and hope to this segment of the population.”
Aaron also generously donates his time and talent to other non-profit organizations and serves as treasurer of the Community Outreach Alliance, which provides resources and a safe space for LGBTQIA youth and adults in Southern California. 

He said discovering this organization in 2009 has positively impacted all aspects of his life. “It had a profound effect on me. I found my tribe, which felt extremely empowering. I began to open up more with confidence. My career began to blossom as I found my voice. I felt connected to people that shared similar experiences as never before. This led me to join the board to ensure this experience can be passed on to other members of my community.”

Aaron also is working on a program to benefit local youth with his client After-School All-Stars. Founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this national non-profit organization provides after-school education to students needing additional support. Children will have the chance to learn about how to open and balance a checking account, credit and FICO scores, mortgages, interest rates and investing.
Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from California State University, Northridge. He is a sports enthusiast and played basketball for many years, but is shifting to golf, which he says is “more forgiving to the knees.” He loves the outdoors, hiking, scuba diving, traveling, long drives and gardening. 

Stacy Geere

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