SFCHC Awarded Funds by L.A. Care Health Plan’s Tranquada Initiative VIII

SFCHC Awarded Funds by L.A. Care Health Plan’s Tranquada Initiative VIII to Provide Assistance to Patients with Disabilities


In August 2017, San Fernando Community Health Center was a recipient of L.A. Care Health Plan’s Robert E. Tranquada Safety Net Initiative VIII for 2017.   L.A. Care Health Plan approved a grant in the amount of $18,600 for adaptive equipment designed to provide patients with mobility or hearing disabilities better access to care.  SFCHC received funds to purchase ADA compliant exam tables that include weight scales so that persons with mobility issues are better served, as well as hearing devices that allow patients with hearing loss to better communicate with clinic staff or their providers.  The equipment purchased with these funds will greatly benefit the patients that San Fernando Community Health Center serves.  San Fernando Community Health Center appreciates the support offered by this award.


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