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SFCHC's Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires patients to make daily self-management decisions and perform multifaceted care activities. If left untreated, diabetes can result in significant health complications such as cardiovascular disease, vision loss, hearing impairment, and nerve and kidney damage. 

SFCHC’s diabetes self-management education (DSME) programs provide individuals and families the tools and information they need to recognize the symptoms of diabetes, make healthy lifestyle changes and manage their care from home. 

“We address all the questions and concerns our patients have about how to manage and prevent the complications of diabetes,” said SFCHC Health Education Manager Rita Jauregui. “Even activities like preparing healthy recipes and exercising regularly can change lives. We are here for our patients and walk with them on their journey to better health.” 

SFCHC offers a comprehensive 8-week course on diabetes prevention and management, followed by a 6-week cooking class at its onsite Diabetes Teaching Kitchen. Our registered dietician and health educator are also available to assist patients on an individual basis via telehealth or in-person appointments. Group classes are scheduled to resume in November. To request an appointment, visit or call 818-361-0428.

Stacy Geere

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