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Important News – Take Action to Keep Your Medi-Cal!

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SFCHC is joining a statewide effort to inform Medi-Cal patients how to keep their healthcare coverage following the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Approximately 13 million people in California who are currently enrolled may need to take extra steps to keep their coverage. 

Medi-Cal covers vital health care services for individuals and their families, including doctor visits, prescriptions, vaccinations, hospital visits, mental healthcare and more. During the pandemic, the federal government allowed people to keep continuous Medi-Cal coverage without proving eligibility. 

However, for the first time in three years, states are required to check if patients still qualify for free or low-cost Medi-Cal coverage. For example, some may not be eligible if their income has increased, they have an employee-sponsored health plan or they fail to complete the required forms.

Over the next 14 months, the county is mailing letters to some Medi-Cal patients about their eligibility. These individuals may need to complete a form verifying their address, income, household size or other personal information. The letters will be sent on a rolling basis, and not by a particular month or date. 

Please, share this important message with your family, friends and co-workers: Check the mail for an important Medi-Cal renewal letter. If you receive a renewal form, respond right away to keep yourself and your family covered! 

To update your personal information with Med-Cal and sign up for general updates, please click here

Stacy Geere

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